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 Hi! I'm Meghan La Roque,
founder of Blessed By Yes.

I have had the great opportunity to work in the music business for 20 years. I started as a singer-songwriter. I pounded pavement for 7 years in San Diego and Los Angeles. Later I worked as a celebrity assistant.. Moved on to digital & brand management and most recently became an artist manager. I had very humble beginnings. I lost my mother at the age of nine and my dad didn't exactly come from money. This adversity fine tuned my work ethic. For a while that worked great for me.

dive into work..
problem.. work harder.

 Can you relate to the constant burnout? 

When my father passed away in 2007, I threw myself entirely into work. There were "Best Seller" winning successes but I never really found the time to enjoy them. The perfectionist in me lead to problems delegating. I found myself saying yes to any opportunity believing I could do it all with no help. This lead to a massive burnout.

When I hit this point, I realized I had to make changes.. and fast. I realized that I was allowed to be kind to myself, and that I was allowed to get help.  I finally realized that I couldn’t do it alone. I realized I didn’t want to anymore... That I deserved the love, support and guidance to get me where I wanted to be.


I didn’t have to make it hard.

Then I did the last thing you would expect. I asked for help. I hired a business coach. This disruption was the best thing for me, my company and my well being. 

Blessed by Yes was born.

I chose to follow my heart.
Follow my yes.  

Follow the yes was a tumblr blog I started in 2011 the first time I chose to see the yes in the room and follow it.

YES has been my silent mantra since then and has changed my life.

It is dedicated to all the things I love. Since the burn out, my priorities have shifted.

Now I help others channel their passions, creativity, talents and skills into fulfilling businesses. I  help them find, define and brand their true calling... Create the businesses of their dreams. I help them move away from burn out by building a strong self care routine and guide them towards doing what they love. 

Set the stage of your life. Are you hiding in the shadows or dancing in the light?