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Define, Brand and Launch your dream business in 8 weeks



 Are you a creative dreamer with big ideas?

Do you have a business idea in mind but don’t know where to start?

Are you working a job that doesn’t align with your true purpose?

Does fear hold you back from taking steps toward fulfilling your dreams and goals?

Do you wish to have the freedom to create your own schedule, to travel, to live life on your own terms?

Are you an undercover leader, a lady boss, a female entrepreneur? 

I know how you feel. I used to hide and play small. I worked tooth and nail to get where I am today often putting others needs before my own until I experienced complete burnout. At which point I learned the importance of self care and self empowerment. I learned to work smart not hard. I took back the reins in my life. Putting my own needs first helped me to build a strong foundation in my business and essentially set the stage for the freedom and success I have today.

Working in the music industry has given me valuable insights, assets and tools in the brand and digital space. I am passionate about helping you by sharing these tools so you can create your ultimate Yes. I am here to help you build a sturdy foundation. I’m here to build you up! There are no limits to your success!

The Align to Shine program can be broken down into five STEPS: 






Each week we will have an intensive 60 minute phone session where we will walk through the steps you need to make your dream a reality. 


In the first week of Vision we will dive into self care, daily and weekly routines and mindset. Getting your house in order will set your business on a clear and organized path.

In week two we will focus on Vision Boards and Goal Setting. Turn your visions into goals so you can begin to take action.

Week three we will dive into your target customer and market research. Understanding your customer and the market will drive the conversation to the exact person you intend to. 


Week four is all about creation. You will build your business and define your income streams. Make money from your creativity.


 Week five we focus on packaging and pricing. Package your product and build your creative kit - video, photos etc.

Week six we begin building your website. Market your business with a beautiful site. 


Week seven we build your content schedule, email list and more. Building your marketing assets and schedule will streamline your launch and sale. 


Week eight we build your press kit and story. Let’s make sure your business gets the exposure it deserves.


This program is for you if…. 

- You want to create your dream business

 - You are ready to commit to taking the necessary steps to making it happen

- You are tired of living an inauthentic life and want to take charge of your life and dreams

- You are no longer willing to settle

 Up level your life and Sign Up now

Get a FREE brand voice strategy session and learn how to discover your true calling, unlock your business strategy and create the dream life and business you desire.



The program will last 8 weeks

The program includes one 60 minute phone call a week and unlimited email support monday - friday. Emails will be answered with 24 hours.

Payment plans available